keeping it SUrreal II

25 EUR

Prints are  21 cm x 29.7 cm , (Inches 8.3 x 11.7 , A4 )

A3 size or bigger also available

All works are printed on  Magiclée VERONA 250 HD ( see description bellow ) with white border .

Free delivery on order with 4 or more prints ! 

Fine-Art paper - Verona HD

Magiclée VERONA 250 HD is a high definition fine art paper for digital imaging. It offers clean, sharp images with an exceptional colour gamut when printed. It is a 250-gram, smooth, matte finish, 100% cotton paper designed specifically for fine art applications. VERONA 250 HD has a water-resistant coating free of optical brighteners. Its beautiful matte finish, the deep tones of black and the natural touch of the paper amaze everyone.